What is Synthetic Turf

Posted by Synturf content team on 02 March 2020

If you are looking to renovate your garden or take steps to ensure you maintain your sports club, the best thing you can do is to make sure you use synthetic turf. There is a lot to think about here, and it can really help you to make the best of things. There are so many great reasons why you need to choose synthetic turf as an option moving forward, and finding out as much as you can about this product is a great place to begin.

No matter whether you’re using this turf to spruce up your lawn, or to find a safe and durable surface for sports recreation, synthetic turf is something you need to make sure you explore. These are some of the things you’re going to need to know about synthetic turf so that you can be clear about its purpose, as well as why it can benefit you right now. Understand these points, and make sure you head over to our site to check out some of our best synthetic turf options moving forward.

What is Synthetic Turf Made from?

One of the most important things you need to understand is what exactly synthetic turf is, and what it is made from. Made up of raw materials, this fake grass comes in a number of different options and materials. The blades of fake grass associated with artificial turf are generally made from polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon materials. Mesh fabric and synthetic sheeting make up the rest, and the preparation process is complex and important. Synthetic turf is one of the most popular and important products in the modern world and the process involved in making it involves a unique blending of rubber and plastic.

What is the Difference between Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass?

It is important to make sure you understand the difference between artificial grass and synthetic turf. For the most part, the two are essentially similar, but there are important differences between the two, and it’s best to understand what these are moving forward. Now, there are different types of artificial turf, including things like AstroTurf, so you need to be sure you understand these differences too.

The biggest difference is that fake grass is generally designed to exactly resemble the natural grass you would find on a lawn or in a back garden. However, artificial turf is a little more complex than this. Synthetic turf can be adapted and mounded to suit different surfaces and to look and feel different moving forward. Durable, all-weather synthetic turf can be used as easily for your residential lawn as it can be for sports surfaces, such as cricket pitches and tennis courts.

Cut off the damaged part of the artificial grass and replace it.

When should you use Synthetic Turf?

There are a lot of different occasions on which people can make use of synthetic turf. This is something to think about moving forward, and you have got to understand that there is a time and a place when you should be opting to go synthetic. If you are wanting to revamp your garden, and have a lawn that looks amazing and is also low-maintenance at the same time, this is most definitely the way forward.

Additionally, this is a great option if you are looking to get the pitches at your sports club resurfaced. We understand that this can be a high-maintenance pursuit, and you need to make sure you have material that is going to be durable and long-lasting. This is why you need to think about going synthetic, and getting the best possible result for your club moving forward.

Why should you use Synthetic Turf?

When you are considering using synthetic turf, it is important to consider what the benefits are for Melbourne homeowners, as well as commercial sports and recreation spaces. There are plenty of factors to bear in mind when it comes to choosing this sort of alternative to natural turf. And understanding the benefits is the best way of being able to make the right choice and get the most out of the product.

Perhaps the key reason to favour synthetic turf over its natural counterpart is due to the fact that it’s much more convenient. Think about the turf in your garden, or in a recreation centre. It is going to require constant maintenance to keep it to an acceptable level. This can cost time and money, so it is much easier to deal with if you have artificial turf to work with. Additionally, you can get this turf customised so that it can look precisely the way you want it to, and this is something that can really help to improve the aesthetic and get you precisely the effect you are looking for.

Four Types of Artificial Lawn

The four key types of artificial lawn we offer at Synturf are specifically designed to suit the Australian climate across Melbourne. There is Everest, which uses innovative technology to produce a cooler and more comfortable turf in hot conditions. We also provide our Fusion product, which effortlessly blends 7 different colours, and offers a stunning aesthetic all year round. The Summit range is artificial grass that’s perfect for a back garden or a kid’s play area, while Ezyturf is possibly the best option for durability and longevity.

So, if you feel like you need some artificial, synthetic turf for your home or sports club, we have a lot to offer you. You need to make the right choice to benefit your circumstances in the future, and this is certainly something you need to keep in mind moving forward. Anybody interested needs to make sure they head for the Synturf website, where you can browse our selection of artificial turf, and request a quote for more information. This is something that plays a huge part in the process of finding the right synthetic turf, and there are a lot of factors that we can help you with in this regard.