The Cost Of Artificial Grass

Posted by Synturf content team on 22 April 2020

Want a lush green lawn all year round without the hassle of garden maintenance? If you’ve got a big lawn or don’t have time for mowing, artificial grass is the perfect way to keep your garden looking well-presented. If you’re thinking about synthetic turf and what costs are involved, it can be tricky to navigate which installations and what companies are best for you. So what can affect the cost of your artificial lawn?

What Type Of Artificial Lawn Is Best For You?

The type of synthetic grass you need is one factor that could impact the cost of your artificial turf. There are several choices of fake grass to choose from, whether you’re looking for fake grass for a children’s playground or artificial turf that looks like real grass. Synturf offers four artificial grass options with different qualities, whether you’re looking for fake grass that stays cool in summer, extreme long-term durability, child-proof synthetic turf, or colour-blending for real grass effect. Commercial property like sports ground can also offer a variety of different artificial lawn choices, whether you’re looking for your classic green for a cricket game or a more durable multipurpose sports or leisure facility.

Happy boy is playing on the child friendly artificial grass.

Size and Installation Options

Of course, the larger the area, the more expensive the fake grass will be. The main thing to consider is how much synthetic lawn you are looking for, whether it’s the whole or just part of your garden or outdoor space. In terms of installation options for your artificial lawn, you could also go down either the DIY route or hire professionals that can do the work for you. An added perk of professional artificial turf installation is you can be confident the final product will look good. Although a DIY job might initially seem cheaper, you may lose money by having a synthetic lawn that bunches, wasting money on relaying and risking safety.

Professional Installation

Once you’ve decided to buy an artificial lawn, you’ll need to assess your current space and work out what you need to clear. Many professionals like Synturf offer their own synthetic grass installation, where they remove the grass for you and create a solid base out of crushed rock and dust to avoid turf or weed regrowth. If you already have concrete, then you can lay the fake grass over it, but will still need to consider how to prepare the ground, so it remains even and doesn’t affect the final presentation of your lush green artificial grass.

Evaluating Other Choices

If you’re considering other options for your outdoor space, you might look at:

  • Natural turf – Initially, natural turf might seem cheaper to lay in your garden or outdoor space. But over time, you’ll have to invest in a mower, trimmer, and some new seed if the grass is patchy, and even a gardener if you have an overwhelmingly large space. Synthetic turf has a ten-year warranty and is allergen-free, so you won’t have to worry about it from the minute it touches the ground.
  • Concrete – Concrete might seem like a simple solution but can be a hassle to upkeep. You risk a budged job if you do a poor DIY do-over, and can incur high costs with professional installation. You then risk cracks, sinking, and costs to maintain.
  • Pavers – Pavers can look great if installed correctly, but are often one of the most expensive choices. Slabs alone can be costly, but factor in the laying costs and the prices shoot up. By comparison, fake grass can be much more cost-efficient and straightforward to install.

Synthetic grass is a simple installation with a ten-year warranty and lush presentation. Above all, it is easy to imagine what the final product will look like, so you don’t have to worry about the concrete looking bleak or the pavers not fitting to the specification you imagined. Synthetic grass looks natural and brightens up your garden or recreational area.

Saving Costs with a Comprehensive Service

Rather than debating the costs of purchasing and installing a synthetic lawn separately, working with a comprehensive service through an Australian-owned supplier like Synturf will save time and money. One-stop-shop suppliers design, test, distribute and install their packages themselves in Australia, ensuring you’ll have expert service and save money with a comprehensive package from start to finish.

If you’re still weighing up the benefits of artificial turf installation, Synturf offers a free quote so you can decide whether artificial grass is the right option for you. Contact us today to find out more about our products and installation services.