Step-By-Step Guide To Our Artificial Grass Installation Process

Synturf always recommends that our products are installed by one of our accredited installers, available throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Even though the process is quite straightforward, specialist skills and equipment are required to achieve the best results for a perfect lawn or sports field. However, if you have good DIY skills, all our products and accessories can be supplied as a DIY kit. See below for a step-by-step guide to a typical synthetic grass installation.


1. Evaluate & measure

The access to the area needs to be evaluated in order to construct the base. The area needs to be measured and calculated to minimise any excess off-cuts.


2. Excavation

Remove the existing old turf and excavate the area to a depth of 80mm – 100mm.


3. Base-works

Reinstate the base of the area with 75mm of crushed rock followed by 15mm of crushed dust.


4. Compact

The base now needs to be leveled and compacted hard so that it remains 10mm below the surrounding finished levels.


5. Turf installation

The turf is rolled out and positioned in the correct direction. It is then cut into place using a sharp utility knife ensuring all joins are straight and lined up.


6. Joining & securing

The turf is secured to the base using pins around the perimeter and along any join. All joins must be secured with a seaming tape and adhesive using a notched trowel.


7. Infill

The turf is now filled with sand to the required level. Part of the filling method is to brush the sand into the base of the fibre to achieve the final result.


8. Grooming

General site cleaning and grooming of the turf.


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